Hypnosis Training

At Tina Pineiro Life Solutions, we prepare you to become a hypnotist and give you tools to market your services, but that's not all. We support your journey and offer you continuing education opportunities, so you and your new business can grow!

Think back to your days in school. What classes made a big difference to you? Yes, sometimes it was the subject matter, but before you enjoyed a particular subject, it was the instructor. How much did he or she love what they did? How dedicated were they to teaching the subject matter in a way that helped as many students as possible do well? You learned AND you enjoyed it!

Taking your hypnosis training from someone who loves what they do and does it right now is a big bonus. That’s why I became an instructor! I value the training and know that I have so much to offer in addition to the fundamentals. Often I say I am a cheerleader for hypnosis because I know how well it works for clients! (I am a former cheer coach.) I strive to give YOU the tools you need to succeed, no matter what your idea of using hypnosis is.

In only ten days, you can become a Hypnotist and starting earning money as one! Can you believe it?

At Tina Pineiro Life Solutions, we want to make you a superstar HYPNOTIST! So we have compiled the best training, the latest techniques and some of the best marketing and technology information to help you succeed as a Certified Hypnotist. In only ten days, you can become a Hypnotist and starting earning as one!

You will also have access to books, scripts, videos and additional training that you can access again and again to make you the best hypnotist around! You learn the training material from an expert instructor and hypnotist. As you are ready, you have access to additional materials that will help you promote your business. I literally have years of classroom experience in the field of technology, as well as in private industry.

If we are a good fit, let’s work together. I’m so happy to be a resource to you during the course and also to provide continuing education experiences during your entire career!