In-Person Premium Training for the Best Hypnosis Certification Experience

We do offer in-person training at least once per year in Honesdale, PA for Hypnosis certification training. The rest of the time we offer online training. Wherever you may be traveling from, we welcome you to our fair city and hope you enjoy your stay. Below you will find information and resources that may help you make your travel arrangements when traveling and staying in our area.

Hypnosis Training Location: Our training is held in a state-of-the art training facility with WIFI, presentation screens and ample space to spread out during your training. In addition to the tables with phone-charging capabilities and laptop plugs, there are couches and other areas where all of our students can work with partners to practice. It’s the most spacious, convenient place for training. Downstairs from the training floor, there is a coffee shop where you can get coffee, breakfast, lunch or something sweet. You never, ever have to leave the building if you don’t want to.

But as long as the weather cooperates, you may want to. Main Street in Honesdale, PA is a quaint little town with lots of small shops and eateries. The Victorian architecture is well-preserved and you sometimes feel as though you have stepped back in time. So in addition to the days you spend here for training, you just may want to stay a little longer. AND come back! After all, spending time in the Poconos is always fun. And where else would be more fun to learn the relaxing state of hypnosis than here!

Training Location Address: Creative Compound, 630 Main Street, Honesdale, PA (upper floors at the Creative Compound Business Center)

Right on Main Street, a bus stops every day that travels to and from Manhattan. You can find travel information at: The closest airport is Scranton Wilkes-Barre, which is about 45 minutes away. Unless you have your own plane, that is. Cherry Ridge Airport is about 12 minutes away.

To stay in or around Honesdale, PA, we like Hotel Anthracite in Carbondale and Ledges in Hawley. But you can pick your favorite place like or something similar to make hotel reservations!

Questions? Comments? Call us at (570) 352 3048 or (844) HYP-TINA!