The Best Online Training for our Premium Hypnosis Certification Class

Online training is different from in-person training. That seems obvious, but it’s probably much different than what you are imaginging. Online training allows for people in many locations to be together. People make connections with others that may live far away, but keep close.

Some participants have time constraints or some other limiting factor and online training allows them the opportunity to train with the instructor they like. There is no commute time going or coming. You are in the comfort of your own home and best yet, you have all electronic files at your fingertips to organize they way you want!

When we watch videos, we have everything at our fingertips, too. We practice individually and in groups. The only thing we don’t have is the ability to touch one another, but you can practice that with those in the room. In the age of technology, it’s best to practice with both and be well-rounded!

How It Works

You are given instructions and a link once you are signed up for the class. Then your only obligation is to show up on the days and time specified. Even if you are not necessarily tech-saavy, you will benefit from the practice and time we spend together.

All your electronic training material is in one place. You will also receive books, videos, etc in the mail. Any assignments you have to submit will be done via email as an attachment. It’s pretty simple.

The experience isn’t anonymous. It’s interactive and supportive. Personal and professional relationships are formed. It’s a more personal experience than you would expect. I believe it’s the nature of the people who choose helping others that make that happen.

Once you sign up with your deposit, you will be contacted by our office.